Pastor John

There are a lot of things I could tell you about me, but follower of Jesus should be at the top of the list. 

I became a follower of Jesus as an adult. My life was changed by this encounter! Jesus became so important to me that I left the career path I was on and returned to school for a Master’s degree, and began serving in churches. I have the privilege of watching people come alive spiritually, grow in their knowledge and experience, and in turn tell others about Jesus!

I will tell anybody, anytime, the reason for the hope I now have. Jesus Christ, the Lord of all. 

Sue and I have been at Abbotsford Baptist since 2014, and this is our home, our people, our community. There’s nothing I like more than assisting people on their spiritual journey. Whether you are just starting out or doing a reset, you are welcome here. We are an intergenerational church, respecting the wisdom of our elder attendees, the creativity of our youngers, and the energy of all

Facts and factoids about me: 
Happily married to Sue for a long time. Been in love with her since we were 18.
Pastor’s ministry is a 2nd career for me. Been at it now 28 years.
Two kids, six (soon to be seven) grandkids
Love Jesus, singing, music, Cheezies (my kryptonite)
It’s a cliché, but I’m livin’ the dream.